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WordPress for Beginners

Course length: ½ day


Course Description

Beginner WordPress users will learn the very basic steps to set up and develop a fully functional website. All instruction will be performed using a live WordPress website with hands-on activities. Time is allotted during each module for a student’s specific site questions and comments that are relevant to that content.



Basic understanding of Word processing software such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs, etc. Students should bring their own laptop to class with access to an existing WordPress website.


Follow on Classes

For more advanced topics see: WordPress


Course Outline

Module 1: Setup and Configure WordPress

Section 1: What exactly is WordPress?

Section 2: What makes WordPress different from other website creation platforms/tools?

Section 3: Understanding vs. hosted a WordPress Website

Section 4: Differences in WordPress hosting companies



Module 2: Basic Administration

Section 1: Welcome to the WordPress Dashboard

Section 2: Media Library

Section 3: Comments overview

Section 4: Tools overview

Section 5: User Accounts

Section 6: Google is your friend


Module 3: Posts and Pages

Section 1: What’s the difference?

Section 2: Creating and Administering Posts/Pages

Section 3: Understanding Title and Content Areas

Section 4: Using the text editor

Section 5: Setting the featured image

Section 6: Saving a post/page and publishing


Module 5: Menus

Section 1: Creating Your First Menu

Section 2: Adding Pages, Post and Categories to Your Menu

Section 3: Enabling Advanced Menu Options

Section 4: Adding Custom Links to Your Menu

Section 5: Menu Locations


Module 6: General Website Settings

Section 1: Configuring General Settings

Section 2: Configuring Reading Settings

Section 3: Configuring Permalinks

Section 4: Configuring Discussion

Section 5: Configuring Permalinks

Section 6: Configuring Privacy


Module 7: Media Library

Section 1: Understanding Width, Height and File Size

Section 2: Understanding the Default Month-Year Folder Structure

Section 3: Uploading and Managing Media Files

Section 4: Caption, Alt Text and Description


Module 8: Themes

Section 1: Choosing a Theme

Section 2: Installing and Configuring a Theme

Section 3: Switching Between Themes

Section 4: Adding Menus, Media and Content to a Theme


Module 9: Plugins

Section 1: What exactly is a plugin?

Section 2: Browsing the plugins

Section 3: Choosing the right plugin

Section 4: Recommended plugins- SEO, backup, speed, security


Module 10: Troubleshooting

Section 1: Theme editor- Don’t go there!

Section 2: Site stops rendering correctly

Section 3: Site loads slowly

Section 4: Site doesn’t load at all

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