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Advanced Writing Skills

Course Length: 1-day

Course Description

Your company’s identity, products, services, and strengths are all represented by its written communications. From business plans and sales presentations to newsletters and e-mail marketing, the way the company comes across on a page or screen can make the difference between big success and big trouble.

This one-day workshop is for students that are already good writers. Your time will be devoted to writing letters of recommendation, of persuasion, of refusal, or of action, that reflect current word usages and up-to-date formulas. The class also covers basics about writing business cases, proposals, and reports.

The class also includes The AMA Handbook of Business Documents, a quick reference for taking the guesswork out of preparing first class written pieces of every type. The handy guide is packed with dozens of sample documents and practical tips.

Your will work on and have examples of:

  • Proposals
  • Memos
  • E-mails
  • Press releases
  • Collections letters
  • Speeches
  • Technical, research and lab reports
  • Sales letters
  • Policies and procedures
  • Warning letters
  • Announcements

Course Objectives

  • Make your writing clear, complete, concise, and correct
  • Improve sentence construction and paragraph development
  • Deal with specific business request
  • Create effective business cases, proposals, and reports
  • Thoroughly document sources that are used in your writing


Professional Writing for Business is recommended or equivalent knowledge

Course Outline

Lesson 1:  The C’s of Writing

  • Writing clearly
  • Writing concisely
  • Writing correctly

Lesson 2:  Writing Mechanics

  • Building paragraphs
  • Proper paragraphs
  • Paragraphs with unity, coherence, and emphasis

Lesson 3:  Dealing with Specific Requests

  • Requests for information
  • Letters of reference (recommendation)
  • Letters of refusal
  • Letters of persuasion

Lesson 4:  Preparing Business Documents

  • Business cases
  • Requests for Proposals
  • Writing Reports
  • Documentations

Lesson 5:  Editing Techniques

Lesson 6: Review and Discussion of Sample Documents

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