AIX Fundamentals

Course Description

In this online AIX Fundamentals training course you will be introduced to basic AIX tools and concepts so that you can become productive quickly in a new computing environment. AIX Fundamentals focuses on the directories and files, utilities, commands and security. This online vLearning course is delivered in lecture format, reinforced with Hands-On Labs.

In This Course You Will Learn How To:

• Identify the tools needed to create and remove files and directories

• Navigate the directory structure

• Modify the contents of files

• Set and change permissions for files and directories

• Use the utilities in a more efficient manner

• Read and write simple Shell scripts

• Control running processes and schedules of processes

• Log in and out, and run basic commands with emphasis on security


You need to have equivalent experience or have taken the following courses:

• Fundamentals of Operating Systems


Module 00: AIX Fundamentals Online Training - Course Introduction


Module 01: Getting Started

• A brief history of AIX

• Logging In and Logging Out

• AIX Shells

• Passwords, AIX Security and Documentation

• On Line man pages

• Basic Commands

• Using the Calculator Program and the “script” Command

• Lab 1


Module 02: Files and Directories

• Directories and Sub-Directories

• File and Directory Names

• File and Directory Concepts

• Errors Using the “cd” Command

• Listing the Contents of Directories


Module 03: Listing Files

• Displaying the Contents of a Directory with “ls”

• Obtaining a Long Listing

• Other Options to the “ls” Command

• Determining the Contents of a File

• Searching for a Specific File

• Lab 2


Module 04: File Manipulation Utilities

• Creating Files and Directories

• Copying, Moving and Renaming Files

• Removing a Link to a File

• Removing a Directory


Module 05: Viewing Files

• Viewing Files

• Using “head” to Display the Beginning of a File

• Using “more” to Display the Content of a File

• Lab 3


Module 06: Text Manipulation

• Text Editing

• Moving between Editing Modes

• Cursor Movement

• Text Deletion Commands and other Functions

• The “sed” and “awk” Utility

• Lab 4


Module 07: File Security

• File Permissions and Access

• AIX Groups

• Listing and Changing Permissions on a File

• Octal File Permissions

• Setting Default Access

• How the “umask” Bits Control Permissions

• Lab 5


Module 08: Input and Output Standard Files and Commands

• Standard Files

• Redirecting and Appending Standard Output

• The “cat” Command

• Controlling File Replacement During

• Redirecting Standard Output and Error


Module 09: Pipes and Processes

• Pipes

• Redirecting Output from a Pipe

• Common Filters

• The “sort”, “wc” and “tr” Utilities

• Lab 6


Module 10: The Shell

• Pattern Matching Using Meta Characters

• Using File Name Completions

• Aliases and Variables

• …7-7

• Environment and the Path Variables

• Quoting Variables and Meta Characters

• Lab 7


Module 11: Shell Script

• Writing and Executing Basic Shell Scripts

• Passing Information to a Shell Script Using Variables, Positional Parameters and Standard I/O

• Using the “read” Command

• Using Shell Start Up Scripts

• Lab 8


Module 12: Processes

• Grouping Commands with Parentheses

• Conditionally Executing Commands Based on Exit Status

• Off Line Processing

• Using “at” and “cron” to Execute Commands at a Later Time

• Executing and Monitoring Commands in the Background

• Moving Jobs Between Foreground and Background

• Terminating and Stopping Processes


Module 13: Processes Part 2

• Killing Other Processes

• Logging Out with Outstanding Jobs

• Lab 9


Module 14: Using the Network

• TCP/IP Network Access

• Transferring Files over the Network

• Using the “ssh” commands

• The “talk” Command

• E-Mail

• Lab 10


Module 15: The System Administrator

• Switching to Another User

• Monitoring Free Space

• The “tar” Command

• Using the “tar” Command

• Lab 11


Module 16: AIX Fundamentals - Course Summary