Confidence in your Staff

Maximize your investment in technology

Keep your team learning and growing

Training and certification helps prove your team has the essential technical skills and knowledge to keep your business running smoothly.

A trained and certified staff is more efficient at completing projects on time, on budget, with fewer errors and less downtime


Retain your skilled staff by creating a culture of career growth through continuous learning and demonstrating growth through certification.

Training and certifications provide confidence that your prospective employees know the technology and are current

86% of IT hiring managers consider IT certification a medium to high priority when hiring for IT positions. *


Certification proves that training was effective and knowledge was retained

73% of IT execs agree it is important to test after training to confirm knowledge gain



·Trained and certified IT professionals are better able to understand new or complex technologies


·Training and certification arms your staff with more insightful problem solving


·A certified IT Staff results in more efficiency and better project success

a.80% of hiring managers feel IT certified individuals perform better than non-IT certified employees in similar jobs*



 The top 3 benefits IT Managers attribute to having certified IT staff are:

Better able to understand new or complex technologies

More productive IT Workforce

More insightful problem solving1Gain the competitive edge—Beat the competition to market with new innovations by recruiting talent with the skills and knowledge on leading-edge Microsoft operating systems, network infrastructure, and software development to

·Continuous learning and certification keeps your staff ahead of the technology curve

·Keeping current on technology makes it easier to fill knowledge gaps for specific projects with minimal work disruption

·Cultivate a skilled workforce by promoting a workplace dedicated to employee development through ongoing Microsoft training and certification

· Increase employee satisfaction and reduce turnover by fostering a workplace that supports career growth through Microsoft training and certification