The CompTIA CTT+  certification identifies excellent and dedicated industry instructors.

3-days of training – 2 Exams


Two exams are necessary to be certified:  CompTIA CTT+ Essentials and at least one of the two designations, Classroom Trainer or Virtual Classroom Trainer.  Candidates will need to supply a video or recording of their classroom or virtual classroom sessions.

The exam covers planning prior to the course, methods and media for instructional delivery,  instructor credibility and communications, group facilitation and evaluating the training event.   

                                CTT+ TKO-201 Essentials -How to prepare. 
                                Your choice of one of the following:
                                CTT+ TKO-202 Classroom Trainer – How to prepare
                                CTT+ TKO-203 Virtual Classroom Trainer – How to prepare

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