Business Solutions Club

$3995 one year of training

Learn the skills needed to excel in today's fast-paced office environment with hands-on training in time management, PC skills, effective communication and more.

Windows & Word Processing

Windows Level 1

Professional Development

Communication Skills for the Workplace
Effective Time Management
Emotional Intelligence
Leadership Skills in Today's Collaborative Workplace
Multigenerational Teams
Professional Presentations; Plan, Prepare, Deliver
Basic Writing for Business: Grammar, Style, Editing and Proofreading

Spreadsheet & Database

Access - Level 1
Access - Level 2
Access - Level 3
Access Mastering Queries
Access Planning a Relational Database
Excel - Level 1
Excel - Level 2
Excel - Level 3
Excel - Level 4 Expert Data Analysis
Excel Dashboards for Business
Excel Formulas
Excel Macros
Excel Mastering Charts and Graphs
Excel Pivot Tables

Information Sharing & Collaboration

Outlook Core Thru Advanced Essentials
PowerPoint - Level 1
PowerPoint - Level 2

Total Value Over $11,500