Business to Business

CCT''s programs for companies are based upon the conviction that better-trained employees are more productive employees. To this end, CCT keeps its instructors on the cutting edge of their profession. CCT Business Training of Greenville has the broadest, most advanced schedule in the southeastern United States. Our objective is to partner with our clients to help them keep their employees sharp at the lowest possible cost. Send your people to CCT to keep them at the forefront of their profession  -- you can be sure your competitors do.

Each company client is assigned to an Account Executive whose responsibility is to learn enough about his client's needs to be able to find the most appropriate training program at the lowest possible cost. Some of the products and delivery systems that we have available for our clients include:

Learning Credits. These credits are ideal for the company desiring to send a number of employees to different classes.

Clubs. These are ideal when a small number of employees need a lot of training. The clubs entitle the member to take any courses from a pre-set list as many times as they desire for a specified time, usually six months or one year. Clubs currently available include:
Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)
Business Solutions

Onsite training. Ideal for a company with 6 or more employees who need to be trained together at the same time. Our instructors come to your location to deliver the class; content can be customized, if desired.

Closed classes. Similar to onsites, except they are conducted in our classroom facility at 33 Villa Road in Greenville; closed classes have the advantage of reducing work-related interruptions during class time.

Room Rentals. Classrooms and computer labs are available to rent on a daily or weekly basis.

Passport.  Passport holders pay a fee up front and then incur a registration fee of $200 per day plus courseware for each course taken during the passport period of one year.

Technical/Application Passport - $3495

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