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Negotiation: Breaking Down the Barriers

Course Length: 2-days

Course Description

Negotiating is about resolving differences. People who can master the process of negotiation find they can save time and money, develop a higher degree of satisfaction with outcomes at home and at work, and earn greater respect in their communities when they understand how to negotiate well.

Negotiating is a fundamental fact of life. Whether you are working on a project or fulfilling support duties, this workshop will provide you with a basic comfort level to negotiate in any situation. This interactive workshop includes techniques to promote effective communication and gives you techniques for turning face-to-face confrontation into side-by-side problem solving.

The course also includes, The Negotiating Style Profile (NSP), a comprehensive training tool providing a complete picture of one's dominant negotiating style.

Course Objectives

  • Understand your dominate negotiation style and how it effects a “win-win” philosophy.
  • Examine how often we all negotiate and the benefits of good negotiation skills
  • Recognize and understand your own needs and those of the other person
  • Employ a negotiation framework that encourages a positive outcome for both parties
  • Learn the importance of preparing for the negotiation process, regardless of the circumstances
  • Examine the various negotiation styles and their advantages and disadvantages
  • Learn strategies for dealing with tough or unfair tactics
  • Skills in developing alternatives and recognizing options
  • Basic negotiation principles, including BATNA, WATNA, WAP and the ZOPA


There are no prerequisites for this course, however the following may be helpful: Emotional Intelligence, Improve Your Listening Skills – Ask Effective Questions


Course Outline

Lesson 1: What is Negotiation?

  • Defining negotiation
  • Types of negotiation
  • Positional bargaining
  • Principled negotiating
  • Phases of Negotiation

Lesson 2: The Successful Negotiator

  • Key attributes
  • Class exercise and review

Lesson 3: Preparing for Negotiation

  • Getting started
  • Managing your fear
  • Personal preparation
  • Researching your side
  • Examine a case study
  • Researching the other side

Lesson 4: The Nuts and Bolts

  • Preparing the documentation
  • Setting the time and place
  • Case study

Lesson 5: Making the Right Impression

  • First impressions
  • The handshake
  • Dress for success
  • The skill of making small talk

Lesson 6: Getting Off to a Good Start

  • Common ground
  • Ground rules

Lesson 7: Exchanging Information

Lesson 8: The Bargaining Stage

  • Six techniques for success
  • Role play

Lesson 9: Reaching Mutual Gain

  • Getting rid of obstacles
  • Overcoming the obstacles

Lesson 10: Moving Beyond “No”

  • Getting past on
  • Breaking the impasse
  • Getting to yes

Lesson 11: Dealing with the Negative Emotions

  • Defusing the bomb
  • Role play

Lesson 12: Moving from Bargaining to Closing

  • Knowing when to close
  • Formal vs. informal agreements

Lesson 13: Solution Types

  • Possible outcomes
  • Building a sustainable agreement
  • Getting consensus

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