Oracle Grid Control Part 1


Course Description


In this Oracle online training course, you will learn about Oracle's Grid control architecture. During this training you will learn in detail how to install and configure Oracle's Grid control, how to deploy grid agents, users and groups. You will also learn how to configure grid targets.


Once you have completed Oracle Grid Control Part 1 the next course in this series is Oracle Grid Control Part 2. In Oracle Grid Control Part 2 you will enhance your knowledge by configuring Grid services, beacons, set up Grid patching, upgrading to Grid and monitoring grid. Click here to learn more about Oracle Grid Control Part 2.


In This Course You Will Learn How To:

  • Install and configure Oracle Grid Control
  • Deploy Grid Agents to Oracle’s managed targets
  • Configure Grid targets
  • Create Grid users
  • Create Grid Groups




You need to have equivalent experience or have taken the following courses:

  • Oracle 10g/11g Database Administration I Part 1
  • Oracle 10g/11g Database Administration I Part 2
  • Oracle 10g/11g Database Administration II Part 1
  • Oracle 10g/11g Database Administration II Part 2




Module 00: Oracle Grid Control Part 1 Online Training - Course Introduction


Module 01: Describing Oracle's Grid Architecture

  • Oracle Management Service
  • Oracle Management Repository
  • Oracle Management Agent


Module 02: Defining Grid Targets

  • Database Targets
  • Host Targets
  • Application Server Targets
  • Web Server Targets
  • Third Party Targets


Module 03: Understanding Grid's Home Page

  • Reading Grid's Home Page
  • Targets
  • Jobs
  • Alerts


Module 04: Installing Oracle's Grid Control

  • Oracle's Universal Installer
  • Oracle Management Service
  • Oracle Management Repository
  • Oracle Management Agent
  • Accessing Grid Control
  • Exercise: Installing Grid Control


Module 05: Monitoring Grid Targets

  • Defining Metrics
  • Setting Metrics
  • User Defined Metrics


Module 06: Host Target

  • Configuring the Host Target
  • Administering the Host Target
  • Maintaining the Host Target


Module 07: Database Target

  • Configuring the Database Target
  • Administering the Database Target
  • Maintaining the Database Target


Module 08: Application Server/Web Server Target

  • Configuring the App/Web Server Target
  • Administering the App/Web Server Target
  • Maintaining the App/Web Server Target


Module 09: Defining Grid Users

  • Creating Grid Administrators
  • Creating Grid Roles
  • Creating Grid Privileges
  • Exercise: Defining Grid Users


Module 10: Defining Notification Rules/Methods

  • Creating Notification Methods
  • Defining Notification Rules
  • Exercise: Define Notification Rules


Module 11: Defining Notification Schedules

  • Creating a Grid notification schedule


Module 12: Monitoring the Grid

  • Monitoring the Grid Agent
  • Monitoring Grid performance


Module 13: Creating Templates

  • Understanding Templates
  • Creating Templates
  • Deploying Templates
  • Exercise: Create Templates


Module 14: Grid Groups

  • Creating Grid Groups
  • Maintaining Grid Groups
  • Assign Privileges to a Group
  • Group Dashboard
  • Exercise: Create Grid Groups


Module 15: Grid Jobs

  • Creating Grid Jobs
  • Creating Library Jobs
  • Exercise: Create Grid Jobs


Module 16: Grid Deployments

  • Cloning Database
  • Cloning Home
  • Agent Deploy


Module 17: Grid Policy Violations

  • Understand Grid Policy violations
  • Enable/Disable Policy Violations


Module 18: Grid Blackouts

  • Defining a blackout
  • Creating a blackout
  • Terminating a blackout


Module 19: Patching Grid

  • Understanding the Patch Cache
  • Creating the Patch Cache


Module 20: Upgrading Grid

  • Upgrading Grid to
  • Upgrade OMS
  • Upgrade the Agents


Module 21: Relocating Grid

  • Moving the OMS/OMR
  • Re-connecting the Agents to the new OMS