Oracle Application Express (APEX) 3.0

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Course Description


This Oracle online training course will describe the components of Oracles’ Application Express tool V3. Oracle Application Express covers the methods used within APEX to quickly and efficiently develop web based applications. This training covers how to install and configure APEX, build an application, create forms, reports, buttons, and templates, work with session states, page processing, navigation and utilities and handle security.


In This Course You Will Learn How To:

  • Install APEX
  • Configure APEX
  • Develop APEX Applications




You need to have six months of development experience or have taken the following GogoTraining courses:

  • Oracle 10g/11g Database Administration I Part 1
  • Oracle 10g/11g Database Administration I Part 2




Module 00: Oracle Application Express Online Training - Course Introduction


Module 01: Introduction to Application Express

  • Application Express Concepts
  • Application Express Architecture
  • Create Workspace and Workspace Admin


Module 02: Using SQL Workshop

  • Creating Objects
  • Processing Ad Hoc SQL Statements
  • Managing SQL Scripts
  • Running Queries
  • Lab: Using SQL Workshop


Module 03: Building a Application

  • Components of an application
  • Creating an application
  • Creating an application from a spreadsheet
  • Lab: Building an Application


Module 04: Creating Reports

  • Report Types
  • Interactive Reports
  • Report Wizards
  • Customizing Reports
  • Lab: Creating Reports


Module 05: Creating Forms

  • Form types
  • Creating a form on a table
  • Tabular forms
  • Master detail form
  • Form attributes
  • Lab: Creating Forms


Module 06: Page and Regions

  • Page definitions
  • Editing Page attributes
  • Region Attributes
  • Comments


Module 07: Items and Buttons

  • Creating Items
  • Creating Buttons


Module 08: Session State and Debugging

  • Implementing Session State
  • Clearing Session State
  • Reviewing Session State


Module 09: Page Processing

  • Page rendering and Page processing
  • Computations for the applications
  • Validating input data
  • Process data


Module 10: Shared Components

  • List of Values for an applications
  • Creating Trees
  • Shared component reports
  • User Defaults


Module 11: Dynamic Content

  • Filtering reports
  • Creating charts from a wizard
  • Creating a calendar


Module 12: Themes

  • Explaining Themes
  • Switching Themes
  • Custom Themes
  • Lab: Working with Themes


Module 13: Templates

  • Creating a template
  • Modifying a template
  • Cascading style sheet


Module 14: APEX Admin

  • Managing Users
  • Requesting Schema and storage
  • Clearing Session State
  • Lab: Using Admin APEX


Module 15: Implementing Security

  • Authentication versus Authorization
  • Authentication Scheme
  • Access Control
  • Session State Protection


Module 16: Deploying Applications

  • Define supporting objects
  • Exporting the application
  • Importing the application
  • Installing supporting objects


Module 17: Utilities

  • Importing and exporting data
  • Generate DDL
  • View objects
  • Monitor the database