Oracle 12c: Database Administration II Part 2

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Course Description


In this Oracle database administration course, Part 2 of a two part online training series, you will explore how an Oracle Database applies 'cloud computing' to multiple computers to provide fast, efficient, secure data storage and manipulation that easily scales to thousands of clients. In this Oracle training, students learn how to perform Oracle’s Flashback Technology, Recyclebin, Flashback Data Archives, and how to tune backup and recovery operations and utilize Oracle’s tuning tools such as AWR, SQL tuning Advisor and SQL Access Advisor.




Once you have completed Oracle 12c: Database Administration II Part 2 the next course is this series would be Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control and Oracle APEX.


In This Course You Will Learn How To:

  • Perform Flashback Database Recovery
  • Configure Flashback Data Archives
  • Tune Backup and Recovery Operations
  • Use Oracle’s SQL Tuning Advisor
  • Use Oracle’s SQL Access Advisor
  • Implement Oracle’s Advanced Memory Management
  • Create Metrics Thresholds and Alerts
  • Create AWR Reports
  • Create AWR Single and Repeating Baselines
  • Implement SQL Plan Management
  • Tune Oracle’s Shared Pool
  • Tune Oracle’s Buffer Cache
  • Use Oracle’s Automatic Segment Space Management




You need to have equivalent Oracle 9i database experience, taken training in 12c: SQL and PL/SQL and have taken the following courses:

  • Oracle 12c: Database Administration I Part 1
  • Oracle 12c: Database Administration I Part 2
  • Oracle 12c: Database Administration II Part 1




Module 00: Course Introduction - Oracle 12c: Database Administration II Part 2





Module 01: Installing the Database Software and Creating a Database

  • Demo: Installing the Database
  • Demo: Creating a Database
  • Lab Exercise: Installing the Database Software
  • Lab Exercise: Create a Database


Module 02: Flashback Technology

  • Flashback Overview
  • Flashback Terms
  • Flashback Table
  • Lab: Perform a Flashback Table
  • Lab Demo Solution: Perform a flashback Table


Module 03: Flashback Recyclebin and Query Backout

  • Recyclebin Concepts
  • Retrieve Objects From the recyclebin
  • Define Protected Objects in the recyclebin
  • Query Backup Concepts
  • Transaction Backout
  • Lab: Retrieve a table from the recyclebin
  • Lab Demo Solution: Retrieve a Table From the recyclebin
  • Lab: Perform Transaction Backout
  • Lab Demo Solution: Perform Transaction Backup


Module 04: Flashback Data Archives

  • Define Flashback Data Archives
  • Manage Flashback Data Archives
  • Flashback Data Archives Administration
  • Flashback Quiz


Module 05: Flashback Database

  • Configure Flashback Database
  • Monitor Flashback Database
  • Perform Flashback Database
  • Lab: Configure Flashback Database
  • Lab Demo Solution: Configure Flashback Database


Module 06: Database Duplication Part 1

  • Define Database Duplication
  • Database Duplicate Techniques


Module 07: Database Duplication Part 2

  • More on Database Duplicate Techniques
  • Using Cloud Control to Perform Database Duplication
  • Using RMAN to Perform Database Duplication
  • RMAN Duplicate Quiz


Module 08: Tuning RMAN

  • Parallel Backups
  • RMAN Multiplexing
  • RMAN Performance Bottlenecks
  • Recovery and Restore Best Practices
  • Tuning RMAN Quiz


Module 09: Overview Oracle Database Architecture

  • Oracle Database Memory Structures: Overview
  • Automatic Shared Memory Management
  • Database Storage Architecture, Logical and Physical Database Structures
  • Segments, Extents, and Blocks & SYSTEM and SYSAUX Tablespaces


Module 10: Query Optimizer

  • SQL Parsing
  • Optimizing Terms
  • Optimizing Methods
  • Query Plan Generation
  • Query Plan Control
  • Query Optimizer Quiz


Module 11: Oracle 12c Tuning Features

  • Identifying and Using Oracle's Heat Map
  • 12c Compression Levels and Types


Module 12: Oracle Tuning Tools Part 1

  • Monitoring tools overview
  • Enterprise Manager
  • Dynamic Performance Views
  • Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor


Module 13: Oracle Tuning Tools Part 2

  • Automatic Workload Repository
  • SQL Tuning Advisor
  • Lab: Using SQL Tuning Advisor


Module 14: Lab Demo Solution: SQL Tuning Advisor




Module 15: Using Automatic Workload Repository

  • Defining AWR
  • AWR Settings
  • Creating AWR Snapshots
  • Lab Create AWR Report
  • Lab Demo Solution: Create AWR Report


Module 16: Metrics, Alerts, and Thresholds

  • Defining Metrics
  • Setting Alerts
  • Setting Corrective Action Thresholds
  • Using Defined Metrics
  • Dynamic Views Associated to Metrics and Alerts
  • Lab Create Metrics and Alerts
  • Lab Demo Solution: Create Metrics and Alerts


Module 17: AWR Baselines

  • Creating AWR baselines
  • Creating AWR Repeating baselines
  • Moving Window Baseline
  • Lab Create AWR Baseline
  • Lab Demo Solution: AWR Baselines


Module 18: Additional AWR Performance Tools

  • Automatic Maintenance Tasks
  • Segment Advisor
  • Statistics Gathering
  • Automatic Tuning Optimizer
  • Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor
  • Active Session History (ASH)


Module 19: Optimizer Statistics

  • Optimizer Statistics Overview
  • Table and Index Statistics
  • Statistic Preferences and Gathering
  • Locking Statistics, Export/Import Statistics
  • Pending and Published Statistics
  • Optimizer Hints and Paths
  • Cost Base Optimization
  • Lab: Reading Query Plan
  • Lab Demo Solution: Reading Query Plan


Module 20: SQL Tuning Advisor

  • SQL Tuning Advisor: Overview
  • SQL Tuning Advisor Limited Mode
  • SQL Tuning Advisor Comprehensive mode
  • SQL Tuning Profiles
  • Lab Create a SQL Tuning Profile


Module 21: Lab Demo Solution: Create a SQL Tuning Profile




Module 22: SQL Access Advisor

  • SQL Access Advisor: Overview
  • SQL Access Advisor options
  • SQL Access Advisor and SQL Tuning Sets
  • SQL Access Advisor and AWR
  • Results and Implementation
  • Lab Use SQL Access Advisor


Module 23: Lab Demo Solution: Use SQL Access Advisor




Module 24: Automatic SQL Tuning

  • Automatic SQL Tuning Maintenance Task
  • Automatic Tuning Optimization Implementation(ATO)
  • Automatic Tuning Optimization Results
  • Enable/Disable Automatic Tuning Optimization
  • Lab: Enable ATO
  • Lab Demo Solution: Enable ATO


Module 25: SQL Plan Management

  • SQL Plan Management and Baseline Overview
  • Enable SQL Plan Management
  • Loading SQL Plan Baselines into the SGA
  • Adaptive Plan Management


Module 26: Shared Pool Tuning

  • Shared Pool Architecture
  • Shared Pool Parameters
  • Library Cache
  • Dictionary Cache
  • Large Pool Considerations and Contents


Module 27: Tuning the Database Buffer Cache Part 1

  • Database Buffer Cache Overview
  • Database Buffer Cache Parameters
  • Oracle and Dirty Reads and Writes
  • Automatic Shared Memory Management (ASMM)


Module 28: Tuning the Database Buffer Cache Part 2

  • Buffer Cache Goals and Responsibility
  • Buffer Cache Pools
  • Buffer CacheTuning Quiz


Module 29: Automatic Memory Management (AMM)

  • Oracle's Automatic Memory Management Overview
  • Database Autotuned Parameters
  • Database Non Autotuned Parameters
  • Automatic Memory Management Hints and Sizing suggestions
  • AMM versus ASMM
  • AMM Quiz


Module 30: Tuning Segment Space Utilization (ASSM)

  • Overview of Automatic Segment Space Management
  • Defining the DB_BLOCK_SIZE
  • Defining DB_nk_CACHE_SIZE parameter
  • The DB_BLOCK_SIZE Parameter
  • Overview of Table Compression, Block Chaining, and Block Migration
  • ASSM Quiz